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“A son looking for answers. A father keeping secrets. An adventure of a lifetime.” Luca Rodriguez had everything he wanted. As a handsome and charming English gentleman, he lived the high life at the top of his career in advertising. However, while success crowned him in work and play, a big secret from the past would get him to drop everything and travel across Europe. With his father as an unlikely travel companion, this trip will turn Luca’s world upside down as he finds himself in the middle of a rollercoaster ride. Where were they going? Will they find what they are looking for? Adventure, chaos and drama will change the path of the father and son, teaching them a lesson in the true meaning of love, forgiveness and self-discovery. In this fun and heartwarming story, you will laugh, cry and fall in love as you accompany two men on their search for the woman who has stolen their past and shaped their future. ¡Bon voyage!

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